The problems that Pregnant women are currently facing during this world crisis are anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty, this is being amplified by the possibility of isolation taking away your support system and connection with family and friends.   


Now is the time to stay connected more than ever, 

You need to feel certain and supported, 

You need a feeling of comfort and confidence as you navigate your way through Pregnancy or Postnatal.  


Nurture Hub is a supportive community coming together to help you feel connected, cared for and guided in a time of uncertainty.


Join us on Thursday 20th of August at 7pm (AEST) for LIVE Online Pregnancy Circle to release Fears & Breathe.

If you are unable to attend the circle live due to being in a different timezone or work we will send you the recording so you can watch when you're available.

No upcoming events at the moment

Who are we?

Nicola Laye

Pre & Postnatal Pilates Instructor and Breathwork instructor


'I have made it my mission to help and support as many women as possible by creating a space and community where women are supported through various stages of life, a place where they can get their questions answered without feeling judged and be empowered with tools, techniques and skills to deal with life as a woman.'

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Shari Lyon

Positive Birth Coach &  5 x Award Winning Hypnobirthing Practitioner

"Pregnancy and birth can and should be a positive experience, one without fear or worry. This can be achieved through good education, knowledge, good support and tools and techniques and this is what I am passionate about when it comes to supporting new parents"

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